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ib●bled their wedges ever so slowly, u▓ntil the uninitiated had finished their portio▓ns and the


officers cried “al●lez,” when they tucked what wa▓s left under their coats, and tumb▓led with the rest of us through a back doo▓r, there to trade the wedge for● tobacco, or to eat it with what they ha●d picked up about the city. “Vámonos, homb▓

re,” said the Brazilian; “now for th▓e soup.” A full two miles we walked● over another steep hill to find, before a buil▓ding styled “Cuillère de Soupe,” m●uch the same crowd as had been at▓ the Bouchée de Pain.The soup wa●s more carefully doled out than the bread had be▓en.An officer at the door calle▓d for our papers, set down our n▓ames in his register, and ha▓nded us tickets which entitled us to sou▓p at eleven and four daily, bu▓t only

for eight days. 88The?/p>

Aliquam Risus Justo

?fates preserve me from ever again tasting the c▓oncoction, misnamed soup, which was set be▓fore me


when I had gained admittan●ce.A bowl of water, grey in color, and of the● temperature which the doctor calls for w▓hen he has by him neither a stomach-pump no●r a feather with which to tickle the patient’s▓ throat, contained one leaf—and that th●e very outside one—of a cabbage, half an inc▓h of the top of a carrot with the lea●ves still on it, and three sprigs of what loo▓ked like grass.When I had made▓ a complete inventory of my own dish, I ●turn

ed to peer into that of the▓ Brazilian.He had the selfsame p●ortion of a carrot, a companion to my cabbage-▓leaf, and three quite similar blades of grass.▓ Certainly, one could not accu●se the soup officials of partiality, and if ●the cook was sparing of specimens from the veget▓able kingdom he made up for it in ingredient▓s from the world of minerals.There was sal▓t enough in my mess to have pr▓eserved a side of beef, and pebbles of vari▓ous sizes an

d shapes chased each other

● merrily around behind the spoon with▓ which I stirred up the mixture.I know not wh●o supplied the est

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ablishment with wate▓r, but the beach was not far distant. S●everal times I returned to the Bouché●e de Pain before I left Marseilles behind; t▓he Cuillère de Soupe I struck off my calling ●list at once. The city of Marseilles has esta▓blished these two institutions ▓in an attempt to reduce the begging class,● and to provide an al


ternative for the i▓ndiscriminate asking of alms, which is ▓strictly forbidden in the city.The ▓buildings have purposely been placed in▓ the most inconvenient sections of the m▓unicipality and far apart, in the h▓ope that only those who are in dir▓e want will visit them.As sm?/p>

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